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Caring for Aging Individuals with High-Quality Personal Care Services

With age, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage daily activities such as personal hygiene, grooming, and mobility. That’s where Assisting Hands Home Care Fort Lauderdale comes in. We offer high-quality personal care services designed to cater to the unique needs of each senior client.


Personal Hygiene and Grooming

At Assisting Hands Home Care Fort Lauderdale, we believe maintaining personal hygiene and grooming is crucial to our clients’ overall wellbeing. We provide compassionate caregivers who are experts in offering support with bathing, grooming, oral care, and other personal hygiene tasks that can become challenging as people age.

Dressing and Styling

Our caregivers take the time to understand our clients’ preferences and styles to provide suitable attire for the day while ensuring they’re dressed comfortably. This way, seniors can maintain their sense of identity and confidence.

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Incontinence Care and Toileting

At Assisting Hands Home Care Fort Lauderdale, we understand using the restroom and maintaining dignity can be challenging for some seniors. Hence, our caregivers offer discreet and respectful assistance, managing incontinence products, and maintaining cleanliness to help our clients maintain their hygiene and dignity.

Mobility and Safety

Maintaining mobility is essential for aging individuals’ overall wellbeing. Our caregivers offer support with mobility, including transferring from bed to wheelchair, walking, and using mobility aids, which increases safety and reduces the risk of falls and injuries.


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Medication Reminders

Our caregivers are critical in helping our clients remember to take prescribed medications correctly and on time. They can also help with managing medication schedules, organizing medications, and coordinating with healthcare professionals.

Feeding and Nutrition

Assisting Hands caregivers can also provide support with feeding and meal preparation, understanding each client’s dietary needs and restrictions, making sure they receive proper nutrition and hydration.

At Assisting Hands Home Care Fort Lauderdale, our professional caregivers are dedicated to providing compassionate and high-quality personal care services to seniors, helping them maintain their independence and dignity.

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