New Findings Related to Brain Plaques & Alzheimer’s

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Because there’s no known cure for Alzheimer’s, seniors and their families often become stressed following a diagnosis. However, new studies reveal there may be hope in the future for seniors with this condition. Here’s some information on these findings and what they might mean for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease. 


The Root Causes of Alzheimer’s

As with most other forms of dementia, Alzheimer’s is caused by the progressive death of brain cells. One of the reasons brain cells die is because a sticky substance known as plaque becomes attached to the soft tissue and triggers inflammation. With age, it becomes more difficult for the brain to replace the cells that have died. This causes many of the side effects of Alzheimer’s, such as mood swings and memory loss.

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A Medication to Treat Alzheimer’s

For many years, Alzheimer’s medications did nothing more than manage the side effects of the condition. Options such as galantamine could partially slow the rate of cognitive decline so a senior could enjoy a few additional years of lucidity. Many seniors are also given prescription medications that address the behavioral aspect of Alzheimer’s. However, most of these treatment options aren’t very successful. 


Breakthroughs in the Healthcare Industry

A recent study revealed a drug called aducanumab might be able to destroy brain plaque and potentially stop the progression of Alzheimer’s. This study was conducted with 166 seniors, and many of them were able to slow their rate of memory loss. As researchers continue to work with aducanumab, they might be able to stop the loss altogether. In the future, doctors will most likely prescribe a combination of drugs to attack Alzheimer’s from multiple angles.

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Lifestyle Changes to Boost Cognitive Health

Alzheimer’s is a chronic disorder that requires comprehensive lifestyle changes. Even with breakthroughs like aducanumab, seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s should try to remain as healthy as possible to keep brain inflammation to a minimum, which includes eating nutritious foods, exercising, and challenging their brains. 

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