Options When You Can’t Afford Home Care Services – No.2

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In our previous post we started a series of articles to explain some options available to be able to afford Home Care Services. We started explaining Reverse Mortgage Loans. Now, the very first question you have to answer to determine if this second option is for you is whether you are a Veteran.

So if you are a Veteran, you might be eligible for some programs the VA Administration has. First, the VA offers the Aid & Attendance Pension Plan, which as its name implies it is a pension you will receive for life if you meet their qualifications in terms of Service, income and in terms of assistance needed with your Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). With this pension plan the VA, the surviving spouse, a couple or two married veterans might receive between $13,788 to $33,696 per year (as of August 2016) to be used only for Home care Fort Lauderdale services.

Also, the VA has launched the Homemaker and Home Health Aide program, which is administered by the Geriatrics and Extended Care unit. With this program, the Veteran might receive services at home through Community Based Providers who have been approved by the VA to provide these services on their behalf. You can read more information about this program by clicking here. The Homemaker and Home Health Aide program is part of the VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package, so all enrolled veterans are eligible if they meet the clinical need for the service, and as with other services part of the VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package, the veteran may be charge a copay based on his/her service-connected disability status.

If you are interested on knowing more about VA benefits or to determine if you qualify, you can click here and by filling out the form one of our specialists will contact you to explain this in detail at no charge.