Home Care for Alzheimer’s patients

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Home Care for Alzheimer’s patients is probably the best scenario when your loved one is facing this challenging disease. You may have already done your research on Alzheimer’s disease and know this is a terminal disease, which encompasses 3 different stages: mild (early-stage), moderate (middle-stage), and severe (late-stage), and might be aware of the different symptoms and behaviors in each stage.

Two of the symptoms in the early stage are trouble remembering names when introduced to new people, and having greater difficulty performing tasks in social or work settings. If you have been taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s disease know that they don’t feel comfortable around new people. This is why the best scenario is Home Care for Alzheimer’s patients. In a Home Care setting, the patient will be introduced to his/her caregiver and the patient will familiarize with this new person very easily. In another scenario, when the patients are taken to a facility, like an ALF, the patients are not only taken away form their home, which is where they feel safe and comfortable, but also they will be exposed to hundreds of unknown people, between personnel, residents and visitors who will represent a lot of stress for them.

Home Care Fort Lauderdale for Alzheimer’s patients might require some of the following activities: assistance with meal preparation, medicine reminders, light housekeeping, errands, grocery shopping, assistance with walking, recreation/games/hobbies and ensuring patient’s safety.

Adequate provision of care for a patient with Alzheimer’s disease requires the collaboration of the patient, and this is very difficult to achieve if the person is under stress. At Assisting Hands we specialize in understanding the different stages of the disease and have personnel certified in providing care to people with Alzheimer’s. We will tailor or services based on the patient’s needs and stage, and will select the caregiver with the appropriate experience.

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